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Adrienne Teeguarden is drawn to the mutual inspiration the early Spanish artisans and American Indians gifted each other with. Her original pieces are remnants of both styles. The stamps she uses to create these belts are the very same ones used by Navajo Indians in the early 1900's on belts that can now be found in museums.

Her pieces have been featured in the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bazaar, Cowboys & Indians, and has been seen on many celebrities. Ms Teeguardens'  work has been photographed by renowned photographers including Bruce Weber, Tony Kent, Wayne Maizer and Bret Lopez.

In 2005, Adrienne was contracted by Sundance Catalog to produce a line of concho belts that quickly sold out and are coveted to this day for their high quality. In that same year Jessica Simpson wore four of Adrienne's belts shown all over the internet and in magazines including the July cover of Premier Magazine.

Adrienne was the first to bring the concho bracelet and mystic symbols such as the thunderbird and the arrowhead into contemporary fashion. RC Gorman was a client and friend who has supported and believed in her talent. 



The tools that I use are pretty much the same as what the Navajo artists used 100 years ago, except for the few electrical perks, my grinding wheel  . Many of my stamps are very old .Some were made in the early 1900's from old pistons or recycled engine parts. I have a piece of a tree trunk that my anvil is placed on. I use this to stamp the metal. I work primarily by natural daylight when I stamp or saw. To see my work set up it looks kind of primitive, the way I like it.

I come up with a concept and decide what medium I will work with. I am now working on Navajo Kitty. I drew a sketch from pictures of cats & kittens. I used a piece of copper sheet metal to lay my design out on. I then structured the facial features to fit my stamps, stamped the metal, sawed it and voila, Navajo Kitty.

- Adrienne Teeguarden



Angelina Jolie, Helmut Newton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince Ernst of Hanover, Madonna, Darren Vigil Gray, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Chuck E. Weiss, RC Gorman, Lauran Bacall, Linda Thompson, Olivia Newton John, Robert Redford, Sonja Braga, Jessica Alba, Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Evans, Inger Jirby, Daniel Lanois, Bono, Doug Newton, Sheryl Crow, Kristie Alley, Robbie Robertson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings , Spike Lee & Bernie Taupin.

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